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Real Estate Hanging Post – Crossarm PVC


Elevate your marketing with a Real Estate Hanging Post, durable vinyl PVC, easy install, rider-friendly design. Perfect for 30×24 Signs!

Real Estate Hanging Post – Crossarm PVC: Your Durable, Stylish Partner in Property Marketing

Discover how our premium Real Estate Hanging Post can transform your property listings. Crafted with care from high-quality white vinyl PVC, this sign post is not only robust but also boasts a clean, modern look. As a result, it’s the perfect tool for realtors seeking to make a strong impression.

Key Features at a Glance:

  • Superior Build Quality: Our Real Estate Hanging Post is made from superior white vinyl PVC. Consequently, it endures all kinds of weather, guaranteeing you get a product that lasts and continues to look as good as new.
  • One Size Fits Most: The design supports 24″w sign panels, making it ideal for the most common sizes, such as 30″h x 24″w signs. Furthermore, it ensures you have the versatility you need when displaying various marketing materials. (Please note, your new frame won’t include the sign, but click here to see our 30″x24″ signs.)
  • Effortless Sign Mounting: Thanks to hooks that are evenly spaced 18″ apart, you can attach your sign panels swiftly and without any trouble using grommets. Moreover, this thoughtful design feature means you can set up or update your display in no time at all.
  • Convenient Rider Attachment: Adding messages is a breeze with our top-arm clip system for real estate riders. Importantly, it does away with the need for extra hardware or tools!

Why opt for our Real Estate Hanging Post?

  • Simplicity in Installation: This sign post a cinch to set up, and you only need a hammer. As a result, it saves you both time and effort.
  • Standout Visibility: Its L-shape design isn’t just about looks—it also ensures your listings catch the eye, providing high visibility and a professional edge.
  • Long-Lasting Quality: Constructed from weather-resistant PVC, our sign posts maintain their professional appearance over time.

Choose our Real Estate L-Shape Hanging Sign Post for a boost in your real estate marketing. After all, it’s more than just a sign post—it’s a smart investment in your professional brand.

Installation guide for Express Signs Real Estate Hanging Post with step-by-step instructions and required tools.
A Step-by-step visual guide for installing the 6-foot White Vinyl Real Estate Hanging Post by Express Signs.
Overview of 6-foot White Vinyl PVC Real Estate Hanging Post components
Detailed component list for the 6′ White Vinyl PVC Real Estate Hanging Post, showcasing all included parts for easy assembly.
Weight 16 lbs


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