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Looking for a striking way to accentuate your company’s brand and direct customers to your store? Consider channel letter signs, which use three-dimensional sign elements fabricated from aluminum and commonly lit with LEDs. Above all, channel letters are versatile and take numerous shapes, sizes, and colors. They look excellent topping a storefront and can add style to exterior spaces. Additionally, their metal fabrication resists rust and can last years of ever-changing weather conditions.

How We Produce Channel Letters

We take several steps to create channel letter signs. Firstly, a router cuts out each shape of the sign. Secondly, a fabricator welds the backing components to a strip of aluminum called a return, constructing the letter’s sides. Afterword, an assembler applies a translucent plastic over the open space of the shaped can, making the letter’s face. Finally, the assemblers apply printed vinyl or acrylic paint to the letters and insert lighting inside the channels as necessary.

Which Lighting Options Work Best for Channel Letter Signs?

Front Lit

The LED lighting in front-lit signs are directed toward the translucent, plastic face of the sign. This lighting option can make your sign pop vibrantly both day and night. Alternatively, you can have black perforated vinyl installed to the face. During the day, the channel letters will look black but shine white at night.

Back-Lit / Halo-Lit / Reverse-Lit

If you’re looking for a subtle yet elegant approach, halo-lit channel letters are a great option. The LEDs are directed away from the non-translucent face toward the back, which features clear or translucent plastic. Furthermore, an installer will off-set the sign from the wall and mount it on a raceway, illuminating the building’s façade. The effect creates a halo of light around each letter.

Face and Halo-Lit Letters

You can get the best of both worlds by ordering a channel letter sign with both face and back lighting.

How Channel Letters Are Mounted

Like many sign types, channel letters come with a variety of mounting options. You can mount the sign flush against the wall or off-set it by about 1 ½ inches using a raceway.

Channel letter signs are a great choice for identifying and drawing attention to your business. Which ever option you choose when customizing your sign, we want to help you to craft a quality product that highlights your business for years to come.

Wall Sign with Channel Letters
Underground Cookie Club sign cabinet in Kentwood, MI
Channel Letters Irish Roofing, Lit Up - January 2020
Irish Roofing & Exteriors channel letters in Grand Rapids, MI
Channel Letter Sign on Raceway
Mini Storage Depot channel letters on raceway
Channel Letter Sign on Raceway
Summer Pops channel letters on raceway in Kentwood, MI

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