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Outdoor Signs

Strong exterior advertisement is vital to your company’s marketing plan, whether that’s through billboards, flyers, tradeshows, or any number of marketing tactic. One powerful resource are outdoor signs, which bring awareness to your business, provide waypoints to locate your business, and assist brand engagement. Additionally, exterior signage does more than advertise:

  • help navigate employees, customers, and clients;
  • meet ADA and other accessibility requirements; and
  • provide essential information to your audience.


Channel Letter Sign on Raceway

Outdoor Signs: First Impressions Count

Did you know that sales increase by 10% when a sign is added, and that 46% of potential customers learn about a business through outdoor signs? These statistics show that visibility is key to a long-term marketing strategy, especially when using outdoor signs.

Express Signs use a variety of materials to print quality outdoor signs that withstand most weather conditions, including coroplast foam board; aluminum composite material (ACM); vinyl decals and vehicle wraps; window clings and stickers; among others. With these durable materials, we can help you set up your billboard, install storefront signage, insert navigational points, and deliver powerful information to your audience.

Furthermore, we also print banners, yard signs, real estate signs, and flags! Need to customize your next convention? Worry not! We’re experts at tradeshow exhibition displays.

Stickers and Decals: How Vinyl Works for You

Exterior signs are more than billowing banners, sturdy coroplast signs, or standout channel letters. They can be as simple as a graphic on your work car’s engine hood or the hours of operation stuck to business’ front door. Stickers and decals are useful for, to name a few:

  • Window Clings (full or partial)
  • Hours of Operation
  • Business Address
  • Building Number or Letter
  • Promotional Products (e.g., “I Voted!” stickers)
  • Vending Machine Wraps
  • Vehicle Wraps

Check out our Vehicle Wraps and Graphics page for more information about this mobile signage!

Express Signs has extensive knowledge and expertise on outdoor signs, stickers and decals included. Call (616) 534-9000 or email to get started on your order!