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An important finishing touch to many businesses is a monument sign: a ground-level, free-standing sign usually visible from the street. The artistic quality of a brand can sparkle with these signs. Moreover, monument signs help visitors and clients efficiently locate your business, whether it’s a hospital or retail store.

How Monument Signs Are Made

Like most signage, monument signs begin with a plan. Is it an architectural sign and therefore needs architectural plans? Is it a simple post and panel sign? Will it have a digital display? Will it have the structure of a monument sign but the height of a pole sign? Do you want a rustic vibe with masonry-like elements or a modern design with acrylic, metal, or vinyl materials? Will it have internal lighting, such as LED strips, or exterior lighting, such as flood lights?


Let’s start with the location of your monument sign. This aspect is important for a number of reasons, notably that

  1. free-standing signs must comply with local municipal setback ordinances, and
  2. your sign may be competing with nearby commercial buildings.

Have you also considered the height of your street-side signage? Your business may benefit more from a pole sign, which increases visibility by towering above the road. A monument sign will suit your needs in most circumstances, especially if your business isn’t a gas station or hotel. For those companies, a tall sign will alert potential customers far down the highway or interstate.

Additionally, you can construct monument signs on the median, lawn, or within any available space per your municipality’s requirements. Keep in mind that you want your sign intuitively visible to anyone looking for your business while driving.

Lastly, location can also impact materials and design. Consider sizing and the importance in an extra creative concept to stand out.


Meanwhile, design is also significant for your sign; therefore, keep in mind practical aspects. These aspects include not just fonts and sizes best for conveying information to motorists, but also your brand’s artistic style. After all, potential customers will expect the logo they saw on your website to match your signage. Additionally, some signs will need an architectural designer to ensure structural integrity and ordinance satisfaction.


Once you’ve determined a location and imagined a design, you’ll need to think about suitable materials. Sign fabricators use various materials during construction, i.e., brick or stone, wood, durable plastic, metal or metal composite material, etc. Furthermore, you may prefer materials that compare to the sign’s associated building.


Are you ready to set in stone plans for your monument sign? Make sure you have considered lighting options that help the sign’s visibility during the night or certain weather conditions.

Internally-Lit: Many signs of this type use an internal LED system that illuminate components of the sign. You could opt for halo-lit letters, where the letters on the sign are outlined in light. Otherwise, opt for face-lit letters, where the letter’s face is illuminated. Alternatively, light up the entire sign cabinet or specific sections, particularly when using lexan panels and vinyl.

Externally-Lit: Another way to light up your sign is by using an external lighting system. Ground-mounted flood lights shine up to the sign face, making it legible no matter the darkness.

Mounting and Installation

Once decision making and sign fabrication is complete, it’s time to install your sign! The installer will dig footings per the plans and erect the base if needed before applying lettering and graphics. Otherwise, a pre-made cabinet will be inserted with finishing touches as needed.

post and panel sign
Sweet House Foundation in Grand Rapids, MI
Monument Sign with LED Digital Display
Sunnyslope Floral & Gift in Grandville, MI
Monument Sign with Halo Lighting
Mini Storage Depot illumination example
Ground mount sign cabinet
Edward Jones ground mount sign
Monument Sign
Providence Lake in Cutlerville, MI
Monument Sign with LED Digital Display
Samaritan Health Care in Greenville, MI

A monument sign enhances your business’s street-side visibility and expands the creativity of your brand. Do you need experienced sign makers and installers to take care of your signage needs? Give Express Signs, Inc. a shout! Call us at (616) 534-9000, email us at, or submit and inquiry form via our Contact Us page.