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What’s one way to make your business stand out? Installing a pylon sign! Pylon signs are tall, freestanding structures with a sign cabinet mounted on a pole or architectural base. Such signage offers increased business visibility to motor traffic. If you’re looking to find out more about pylon signs, you’re in the right place!

Pylon Sign Fabrication and Installation

As with all signs, pylon signs start with an idea and a design. Will your sign be used for a tenant building and need multiple advertising spots? Does your sign need to be visible from an interstate or expressway, such with gas station and hotel signs? What requirements does your business’s municipality have for freestanding signs, such as height or setbacks? Additionally, do you already have a logo or artwork for your signage, or do you need extra design services?

Consider your sign’s design needs, then bring it to a sign shop such as Express Signs, Inc. for a quote. We’ll provide feedback if needed and help you choose the best material for the job.

Here are some common pylon sign types:

Pole Sign

A pole sign uses one or two uncovered steel poles with a sign cabinet mounted on the top ends. Common examples of these signs can be found at gas stations or some fast-food joints. Additionally, billboards that you see along a highway are also considered pole signs.

Monument Pylon Signs

The elements of a monument sign—a shorter structure often featuring architectural or masonry elements—can be brought to a pylon sign. The poles are usually hidden, and a sign cabinet is affixed atop the base or integrated into the overall design.

Tenant Sign

If you own a multi-unit space commercial space, go with the tenant sign. You may also be a tenant in need of a way to advertise your brand on such a sign! Each spot can use lexan panels for vinyl application or another reusable system, like panel signs or support for 3D elements. Tenant signs may use features of both pole signs and monument-style pylon signs.

Depending on your business’s needs, you can illuminate the signs in a variety of ways, particular though that provide the feel you’re looking for. Here are some ideas:

Front-Lit Sign Cabinet: You can illuminate the entire sign face; otherwise, using various print or vinyl techniques, you can leave certain areas opaque to highlight only desired sections at night.

Channel Letter Lighting: You could opt for channel letters on your sign cabinet, which can provide unique lighting possibilities. The letters can be individual front lit, halo lit, or both.

Illuminated Push-Through Letters: Alternatively, your pylon sign could use an opaque face with lit push-through letters.

Finally, you can begin sign installation. Express Signs, Inc. will happily install your new pylon sign. We’ll need permits to begin construction, but once we’re good to go, erect the sign in quick order.

Pylon Sign - Mini Storage Depot
Pylon Sign