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Get ready to bring your company’s branding to a whole new level! Wall signs are indoor or outdoor signage well suited for business advertising. They can accomplish a variety of jobs, including

  • Pinpointing a business’s storefront to help customers discover your company and draw in traffic;
  • Advertising the company’s brand and market through clever naming, color choices, and design;
  • Displaying information inside or outside a business, such as lobby and office signs; and
  • Meeting building codes, such as accessibility signage indicating exits, bathrooms, room numbers, etc.

Additionally, sign makers such as Express Signs, Inc. can craft wall signs with a variety of materials and finishes according to your preferences and needs. For example, an exterior storefront sign may be made of durable aluminum and weather-resistant paint or coating.

Types of Wall Signs

Cabinet Signs

A common, versatile commercial sign is the cabinet sign. These signs are commonly mounted on a building’s facade and internally lit to advertise your business day or night. Though often portrayed as a box, you can easily customize the shapes to fit your brand’s needs.

Additionally, business owners frequently use cabinet signs for both exterior and interior walls. To withstand the elements, sign makers produce the exterior signs with metal or hardy plastic, e.g., aluminum, lexan, or both. Then, the signs are finished with a UV coating.

Finally, cabinet signs aren’t always a printed or vinyl-applied flat surface. Push-through, three-dimensional lettering–often with creative illumination–and channel letters can enhance the artistic design of the sign. Such elements create a memorable building facade or interior space.

Channel Letters

Similar to cabinet signs, channel letters are three-dimensional signs with each letter a standalone cabinet. Fabricators construct the letters with aluminum sides and either an aluminum or plastic face or backer. Furthermore, you can internally illuminate the signs. Lighting options include either front lighting through translucent material or back lighting (i.e., halo lighting), where light faces the back of the letters to illuminate the wall. Similarly, a combination of back or front lighting may be used.

Channel letters also work well when used as part of an cabinet sign. Get creative!

Panel Signs

Sometimes, all you need is a simple, mostly two-dimensional sign to get across your message. Panel signs are especially useful as directional signs, accessibility and emergency signs, room names, unit numbering, rules and regulation signs, mission statement signs, and other informational displays. We use a variety of mounting options as well, from aluminum studs to durable double-sided tape, to secure the sign in place.

Wall Sign with Channel Letters
Channel Letter Sign on Raceway

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