Can my vehicle be damaged by a vinyl vehicle wrap?  

Most likely, your vehicle will not be damaged from a vinyl vehicle wrap. It’s optimal to wrap automobiles that are free from paint chips or damage. This allows vinyl wraps to be easily removed. Surfaces also need to be free of dirt, debris and wax prior to installation. This will allow your vehicle wrap or graphic to fully and smoothly adhere to your automobile.

You may not realize it, but roadway wear and tear is actually reduced by automobile wraps. Full vehicle wraps offer the most protection, but the heavy-duty vinyl helps protect surface paint from dings, scratches, and roadway conditions.

What material is a vehicle wrap made from?

Our automobile wraps are cut from high-quality, heavy-duty vinyl. Vinyl offers protection and works well for auto wraps of vehicle graphics. We apply a laminate finish to our vehicle wraps to protect your auto graphics from UV damage. Specific types of vinyl will vary, and those selected are dependent on your design. However, most commercial fleet graphics are made from standard cast and calendared film vinyl. Your budget and the durability needs of the vehicle graphics will also affect what type of vinyl is used.

How long will my vinyl vehicle wrap last?  

On average, vehicle wraps will last 1-5 years, depending on the specific project and level of vinyl wrapping that you choose.

If your project consists of vehicle graphics that need to be changed out on a regular basis—such as fleet vehicle information—vinyl that is easier to remove will be used.

It may be a good idea to consider scheduling regular vehicle graphic maintenance on your corporate car or fleet. Ask a professional for information by calling us at (616) 534-9000.

Am I able to have my specialty vehicle wrapped?  

Express Signs offers custom vehicle wrapping for any automobile or trailer.

During your initial consultation, designers will take measurements and obtain information specific to the automobile that is to be wrapped to ensure a perfect design and fit.

We can wrap other items beyond vehicles as well. If you need custom vinyl graphics for any type of item, just reach out to us for a consultation and advice.

Who installs my vehicle wrap?  

We have specially trained staff technicians that will install your vehicle wrap or graphic. Wrap installation is a specialty process, one that requires an experienced professional. Several factors affect the way the installation of your vehicle is handled. Sometimes, a wrap installation may take longer than a day. Our team will communicate installation time clearly with you.